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Background and Skills

FA’s research expertise is amplified by long years of experience of its managers whom practice market research work over 20 years for research field services and over 10 years for research project management services from research design to insight harvest. FA aims to make a difference while providing research field services enhanced by full-service expertise; hence, FA collaborates as a consultation team which acts as a partner in different phases as feasibility, sample frame design, data process and delivery.

Why Us?

FA is highly aware of that extracting insights from outcomes of a research project is strongly related to accurate field work. That is why FA offers technical excellence, project management consultation and on time actions and solutions for any obstacles emerging due to cultural and geographic differences, domestic market environment, altered bureaucracy or technical developments to preserve the sequence of work, not only deadline of it and keep projects’ budgets optimized for its clients.

Practice and Privacy

Our work bases on fragmenting field process and reach excellence for each part while making a crystal-clear communication with our clients to build a healthy partnership. We strive to deliver research projects fast and efficiently while maintaining a high level of quality.

We are always committed to our interviewing procedures, able to customize them according to our clients’ needs and protecting respondent or any involving entity’s privacy that needs to be protected by laws, rights and principles of research ethics.


FA people believe in being and staying boutique to serve with true dedication, solution-focused mindset, values root in mutual respect, influencing and inspiring optimism, vitality and vividness derived from expertise and confidence.

We believe that our happy and highly satisfied clients are our strength that keeps us on the road.

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